domingo, fevereiro 10, 2008

sermão aos peixes

oh gentlemen ■ swallow your prayers ■ because the wind makes a mockery of men ■ your soul becomes a fish ■ you swim in idle waters ■ and drink other fishes piss ■ your soul feeds on fish ■ on piss, puss and men ■ who in turn, become as you have become ■ a fish ■ no, not even that, but a symbol of a fish ■ hooked by the baby flesh of maggots ■ a ripple of life in tin ■ this tin could become your world too ■ so choose between this and water ■ choose between tin and piss ■ do you still feel thirsty now ■ are you thirsty now ■ are you thirsty now ■ do you still feel ■ thirsty ■ thirsty now
("The three shadows, Part III", Bauhaus - The Sky's Gone Out, 1985)